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Special Pricing on Select  Items


MTH 30-1123-1. 0-8-0 Switcher Steam Engine. Proto. NYC $399.99

Clearance $299.99

MTH 20-80001B DAP Canadian Pacific  Set

Includes Two A-A Units with Two Motors Each and Four Aluminum Passenger Cars--Three Vista Domes and One Observation Car.  Very Detailed with Stainless Steel Body Grill Work.  Runs on 031 Curves.  Proto Sound by QSI. 

This Set was in the Original DAP Offering in 1999.

Clearance $650.00


Lionel 11838 ATSF #704 Hudson (J1e) Warhorse Set

Four  #9464 Box Cars and #7606 Lighted Cabose. Weathered. Wireless Tether. Two Set Wheels-Spoked and J1e. Originally designed as #703 for release in 1946---Never Produced!  Stunning Set  6 feet 6 inches long. TMCC. Originally $1299.95

Clearance $999.99